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However, the Chronicle believes that it is very important that both Donna and Jordan's names are included on the memorial both needs to be courtesy and historical accuracy. The festival is open from 9am to 9pm at St Luke's Anglican Church on Ruthven and Herries sts. In doing what had been a double blow for Mr Tyson on Monday night, the mayor do not identify Mr Tyson's wife and son, Donna and Jordan Rice, on the anniversary service. Chronicle editor in chief Steve Etwell has urged the community to get behind our push to own names included on the memorial. Entry will be a silver coin donation. On Monday night, I spoke on the Rice family and so i asked them specifically whenever they wanted me to read out of names of both Donna and Jordan, Mayor Taylor said. I believe there exists guaranteed to be a answer why this concept is daft, but perhaps it's time we started looking at several of the daft ideas, because sensible ones aren't performing exercises.

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